In Remembrance

The lady known as Rosie The Riveter, passed away yesterday. She was the face of America for those that were such a major impact on the war industry during WWll on the home front. But more than that, she, in her passing, is representing the end of an era. An era of regular folks that stood up, stood proud, and fought for our freedom.

I wonder if todays youth as a whole, would do the same. A

fter all, we no longer have the freedoms we did then. We are taxed to death, and politicians from one party are calling for socialism.

Here in Washington our super liberal government just passed into law the mandating of sex education from kindergarten on up. They also just removed the intentional giving of HIV through non telling of a partner they have the disease, from a felony, to a misdemeanor.

They are destroying our Country from within, and it saddens me that we are sitting idly by as they do it.

To be sure, I do not condone the use of negative names which label a person, or group. But I will fight for someone to use them if they want, as a function of free speech. Just as I will fight for someone to bear arms openly. It is simply a case of taking back my rights without fear of recrimination, or being charged with a crime!

I am tired of the tail wagging the dog.

I am also tired of my morals being trampled upon by the same splinter groups that make up said tail, and have managed to get themselves into political posts of power.

Tell me your thoughts on this.


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