Yes, I am upset this morning. The reason is this. There is a little girl undergoing surgery right now for a brain tumor. It is buried deep in her brain, and while the prognosis is seemingly good, there is NO excuse for the brutality of invasive surgery when options exist. I don’t care how good of a prognosis, or how skilled the surgeon, the fact remains, it will change her. You cannot dig around inside the brain without altering the synapses, and relays inside which make you uniquely you.

Enter in harmonics.

No invasive procedures, no opening of the skull. An implosion of the tumor deep inside with no resultant tissue damage, or re-routing of those internal connections that make you, you.

So tired of not being listened to. Once approached the Dean of the school of medicine at the University of Michigan. Spelled out my theory in detail, along with the how to involved. Didn’t go any farther than a mere nod of acceptance. Why? Why are they not willing to pursue a solution that is non medical? Is the money that good that lives no longer matter?

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