It is Tuesday!

Yayyyy, made it through Monday relatively unscathed! at least the daytime part of it. Nights are an entirely different matter however. Dreams, nightmares, and flashbacks are no stranger to me. Sleepwalking, or as it is called, somnambulism, is a common occurrence too. The worst thing about that, is I don’t remember it, and only the remains of my night time forages into the fridge remain to tell the tale. Ugh.

Couple of things to get done today, not the least of which is making an appointment with my cardiologist! Need to find out what is going on with my a-fib. Went out of control this past weekend, and really do not know why. Spent Saturday night in my local ER getting checked out, and was sent home after it went back into a normal sinus rhythm.

have a Blessed day everyone!


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