Monday, Presidents day, and me.

Ok, I blew it this morning! Ate a large cinnamon roll, and am drinking a Coke to top it off!

Not Good!

My diet is in smithereens today, and it is only ten in the morning! Oh well, there is always a fresh start at it tomorrow, when I hope my willpower will be back on track.

For today, there are a few things I need to get done, or I should say, finished. One of them is to sign up for a course in coding, and machine learning. Want to try and stay on top of the Ai curve, just to understand all that is happening with that field. And to those that are trying to bring a sort of consciousness to machines by integrating brain tissue into silicon chips, I say back off. You have no idea what a slippery slope you are on. I understand that it is supposedly illegal, but since when has that stopped less than reputable people from doing it anyway.

On another note this morning, I want to address the “Corporate” environment, and its tolerance of sexual harassment, as well as the continuation of the Good Old Boy network. Why, in the light of today, do they still exist?

In my corporate career I witnessed both. I stood by as I watched guys get promoted, instead of fired for their actions, while the women they bothered, got fired. Made me furious, but I was not in a position to say, or do anything about it. Politically, it was suicide. They got me anyway, which will be covered in a later post. Never was much of a politician.

if you are reading this today, and want to contribute your own story, please write in! I will be happy to share it here if you want.


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