In an earlier blog post, I alluded to a bodies individual harmonic as the basis for its immune system, and how it functions in organ rejection. I had not yet figured out how to find that harmonic, and the narrow range everything must fit into in order for it to not be rejected.

I still have not figured out the range, but think I have found the organ that is its fingerprint though, and that is your skin.

Would love the opportunity to work with researchers, in determining that harmonic. Give me a little skin, and your own harmonic can be determined, turned into a bar code, and consequently – if needed, matched to an organ donor. It would also be a prime identifier in a crime scene. While DNA is great, a harmonic is perfect. You cannot escape your own harmonic, as it is unique to you alone.

The unfortunate part of this, is the weaponization of the technology. Back in the early 1970’s, I was back in school, and broached this to a trusted professor. He was the first to bring up that aspect, and it stopped me cold. I didn’t want it used for harm. I was dumb, in that I should have continued down the road with my research. The number of lives affected for the good, would have far exceeded the ones potentially lost in battle.

So, here it is. Share this with everyone you know, so that it will get into the hands of someone that can do something about it.


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