Valentines Day!

Just wishing all a love filled day!

To all who are alone today, I know how hard it is for you. It is my hope, and prayer that you can feel Gods love, and the hope He has to offer you.

You do not need someone in your life to tell you that you are loved, because you are, just as you are, and where you’re are at! Feel good about yourself, and look inside of your being. Love, starts with you.

Being alone, even in the midst of a crowd, hurts. How do you do it?

I got through them by drawing, or painting, by trying in the only way I knew how to, to find some beauty in life. I had to in order to survive. there was certainly no thriving at that time. Photography was another outlet. Then I found the my real reason for living, and it was, is, to help others with chaos fr lives. God had gifted me with a life of trials, so that I could understand, listen, and help.

If you want to talk, just ask.


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